Scott F. Guinn's Award-Winning Magic & Ventriloquism with a Comedic Flair
Scott F. Guinn's Award-Winning Magic & Ventriloquism with a Comedic Flair

Making Magical Memories!

Ventriloquism using an audience member is always a big hit!
LAUGHTER is a huge part of Great Scott's performances!
Great Scott tailors his shows for his audiences: kids, adults, families, corporate events, etc.

"Great Scott! It's Magic!"


That's what they'll be saying at YOUR next event when you book Star Magician Scott F. Guinn to entertain with his unique brand of comedy, magic & ventriloquism. Have you been looking for first-class entertainment without having to worry about being embarrassed by the content of the performance or the conduct of the performer? Great Scott has nearly four decades of experience entertaining groups of all sizes and ages with clean comedy, amazing magic, and spellbinding ventriloquism. He'll make you the hero for hosting such a fun event! 


Great Scott has multiple shows specifically customized for length of time, size of the audience, and age group (children, teens, adults, senior citizens, or a mix). His shows contain include of audience participation and interaction, and he is a master at fooling people without making a fool of them. With his self-deprecating humor (never insulting and never filthy), Great Scott creates an almost immediate connection with the audience. He also has the ability to incorporate your organization's message or buzzwords into his act, and he is happy to make your guest-of-honor the highlight of the show. With literally thousands of performances under his belt, he is equally comfortable and engaging with audiences of four to fourteen hundred, and he relates beautifully with all age groups. Kids and seniors love him, yet his magic and wit has a sophistication that earns him accolades in the corporate world. 


Types of shows include:

  • Formal close-up (micro magic), where Great Scott sits/stands at a table with an audience of 4-12 people and performs a twenty to forty-minute sleight-of-hand magic show right under their noses.


  • Strolling / Table-Hopping, where Great Scott walks around at your cocktail reception or goes table-to-table at your banquet or restaurant, performing 1-3 close-up tricks for a small group or table of people before moving on to another small group. (He also has decades of experience doing this type of magic for restaurants, while people are waiting to be seated or waiting for their meal to be delivered.)


  • Parlor/platform, where Great Scott performs a 30, 45, or 60-minute show for larger groups up to a few hundred. An example of this type of show would be an after-dinner performance at a corporate banquet in a hotel meeting room. Scott has done thousands of these shows, and knows how to entertain virtually any type of group.


  • Stage, where Great Scott performs a larger show (he doesn't do the very big illusions like the big Vegas casino acts) for groups of 400-1200.


  • Kids shows, ranging from birthday parties to scout meetings to school assemblies and more.


  • Gospel shows. As a pastor with a doctorate in Bible and theology, Scott can be trusted to stay true to Scripture while using magic tricks and ventriloquist skits to teach it. (NOTE: Scott does NOT incorporate his religious beliefs into any of his other shows, unless you count not using pornographic language/humor as "religious.")


Discounts are offered for multiple shows (fairs, carnivals, casinos, etc.), or if, for example, you want to have strolling magic during the cocktail hour and a platform after-dinner show on the same evening.


Want to know more about how you can make magical memories at your event? Take a look around the website and then contact us. We promise:

"You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised!"

Great Scott's shows are FUN!

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